The first stage of manufacturing

The first stage of manufacturing

18 February 2022

On December 14, 2021, company "Jolio" started sunflower oil manufacturing process on the operational phase of testing. Oil production comprises a full cycle of manufacturing, which implies the processing of raw material and obtaining the final product for sale, including packaging.

During this period in addition to the local market supplies with edible sunflower oil which amounted:

- 14 tons of unrefined sunflower oil,

- 300 000 liters bottled refined sunflower oil and

- Sale of 26 tons of sunflower meal

45 tons of unrefined sunflower oil was exported to the Armenian market.

"Jolio" will start manufacturing with full capacity from April 2022 and implement future plans: supply local market with the highest quality sunflower oil produced with the help of modern technology and international export as well.